12/2/2018 in Thessaloniki – Training seminar on the issue of sexual harassment for AUTH staff

The Gender and Equality Committee of the Aristotle University organizes a training seminar for employees of the University entitled "Zero tolerance Sexual [...]

DIY: Towards feminist methodological practices in social research

by Biglia and Bonet i Martí (2017) Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 13 The objective of this article is to [...]

USVreact Project Final Report: Training to Respond to Sexual Violence at European Universities

Final Report of the USVreact Project  This report first presents a discussion of the empirical and theoretical context for the [...]

EHU material

This materials are available in Spanish (http://usvreact.eu/es/ehu-material/) and Basque (http://usvreact.eu/eu/ehu-material/)

URV training material

Training, entitled  “Sexual violence at the University: recognize, accompany and rethinking response strategies” started at Rovira i Vigili University at [...]

09/02/2018 Athens: Addressing Sexual Violence at the University

Addressing Sexual Violence at the University   This one day local event organized by the Centre for Gender Studies of [...]