USVreact Project Final Report: Training to Respond to Sexual Violence at European Universities

Final Report of the USVreact Project  This report first presents a discussion of the empirical and theoretical context for the [...]

09/02/2018 Athens: Addressing Sexual Violence at the University

Addressing Sexual Violence at the University   This one day local event organized by the Centre for Gender Studies of [...]

‘Thank you for training’ from a lecturer at Univ. of York

"Being a university lecturer isn't generally very difficult but one of the most challenging aspects by far is pastoral care [...]

USVreact training courses continue at the UAB

New edition of training courses at theUAB. Several courses will be held on "Sexual Violence in the University." In this [...]

07/02/2018 Brunel University London local conference

‘Tackling Sexual Violence & Harassment on Campus: Policy and Practice’    This free local conference took place at Brunel University [...]

Preliminary conclusions of USVreact project presented to AFIT group

Last week we were very happy to share some of our preliminary conclusions on sexual violence in universities with the [...]