EHU material

This materials are available in Spanish (http://usvreact.eu/es/ehu-material/) and Basque (http://usvreact.eu/eu/ehu-material/)

URV training material

This materials are available in Spanish (http://usvreact.eu/es/urv-material/) and some in catalán (http://usvreact.eu/ca/urv-material/).

‘Thank you for training’ from a lecturer at Univ. of York

"Being a university lecturer isn't generally very difficult but one of the most challenging aspects by far is pastoral care for students with difficulties, especially [...]

Comments received from USVreact Conference participants

on 9th November 2017 in London Encouraging more institutional buy in; encourage workshops to be taken by both staff, lectures and students. Take more of [...]

Disclosure Training at Sussex and Brighton

This 'Partner Training Evaluation Report' focuses on the Sussex University training, which has also been piloted by our Associate Partner Brighton University. Our training included: descriptions [...]

‘Posters presented at the USVreact Findings Conference in London 09/11/2017’

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