20yrs VDSThe Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS) this year celebrates 20 years of dedicated work of offering help to victims of different kinds of violation. We are all exposed to various types of harmful behaviour and anyone can become a victim of a theft, robbery, domestic violence, violence at the workplace, pickpocketing in the bus, stalking or something similar.

One of the services in the Victimology Society of Serbia is called VDS info and victim support, which provides support and assistance to all victims of crime and human rights’ violation, including both women and men. The Service has contacts of a large number of specialized governmental and non-governmental organizations and thus can help with providing information about the victims’ rights, referral to specialized national institutions and offer trust, understanding and empowering support.

This year VDS organizes its eight annual conference in Belgrade, Serbia. The topic tis year will be “Victims between security, human rights and justice: Local and global context”, and it will take place from 30th November to 1st of December 2017.


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