24th to 26th of October 2019
University of Helsinki, Finland

What is violence? How is violence normalized in some contexts? How do gender, sexuality, race, and class, among other axes of power, intersect making some bodies more prone to experiencing violence? How to subvert and challenge different forms of violence, and what are the respectful and nuanced forms of solidarity and activism that take the specificity of people’s experiences into consideration? We warmly invite scholars from a variety of locations in the Global North and South to participate in the discussions on violence. This conference in Helsinki will approach multiple aspects of violence across the wide multidisciplinary field of gender, sexuality, queer, trans, disability, postcolonial, and critical race studies. The conference is organized and hosted by the Gender Studies Discipline of The University of Helsinki together with the Association for Gender Studies in Finland (SUNS).

Join us in Helsinki!

Some of our USVreact project team will be giving workshops:

5. Pam Alldred and Barbara Biglia
Approaches to Tackling Gender-Related Violence 


43. Pam Alldred and Vanita Sundaram
Now The Cat’s Out Of The Bag… What Next In Universities After #Metoo?