Supporting Survivors from the Workplace

Practical resources developed in EU projects across different European countries: #ACTIVproject #USVreact #CARVEproject.

A presentation at the European Conference for Social Work Research 2022, by Professor Pam Alldred and Ms gigi guizzo, with info about:

  • how to create supportive work environments where survivors feel safe to disclose (the importance of plans, protocols and awareness-raising campaigns),
  • how to detect and support victims with appropriate referral (‘be supportive but know your limits and seek professional help, create local support networks’)
  • how to promote an inclusive society from and at the workplace (prevent stereotyping and further discrimination of survivors).

Download the presentation here: ECSWR 2022 Supporting Survivors in the Workplace.

The 11th European Conference for Social Work Research of the European Social Work Research Association will take place in Amsterdam (6-8 April 2022).

We live in complex times, both socially as economically. This conference focuses on enhancing and sustaining social inclusion through social work research. In the context of growing inequality social inclusion is more important than ever. And it is the task for social work research to address relevant societal challenges and to contribute to solutions for these challenges.

This conference provides an interesting platform for discussions about this in a European context.