Zavos, Alexandra, “Sexual violence in Greek universities: politics of disclosure, interventions and institutional change”, Special Issue “Sex and Power in the University”, Annual Review of Critical Psychology, forthcoming.


In this paper, I discuss different interventions against sexual violence in higher education in Greece, drawing on the experience of setting up, for the first time, a training programme on supporting victims at one of the leading public Social and Political Science institutions, Panteion University.

The issue of sexual violence and harassment has, so far, not been the object of specific institutional policies in Greek universities, neither has it become a topic of widespread public debate. Overall, the issue of sexual violence and harassment is largely invisible in Greece and the real extent of the phenomenon remains unknown. There is also no research or data on sexual violence and harassment at university level. Legislation against sexual harassment in educational settings comes under legislation against sexual harassment in the workplace in general; there are, however, no provisions pertaining to universities as such, leaving a wide range of relations taking place in the context of the university unprotected by law.

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