VII Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia
Security and victimization: Challenges of social reaction and victims’ protection
Belgrade, 24th and 25th November 2016

Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1997, whose aim is to unite as many academics and professionals as possible who are interested in the development of victimology and protection of victims of crime, human rights violations and war, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity and other features. Victimology Society’s work is organized around three main groups of activities: VDS info and support to victims, VDS research and education and VDS Truth and reconciliation program. In November the VII Annual Conference will be a space to bring together the many subjects and experts who are collaborating on these subjects. Some highlights form the program:

Thematic session 1: Victimization and Security
Working language: English

· Prof. dr Nadjhia Normil-Skakavac, Virginia State University, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Petersburg, US: Haitian Boat People and the Mexican Wetbacks: A Theoretical Perspective of Crimmigration Laws in the U.S.
· Prof. dr Marjan Gjurovski, Faculty of Security, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, Dr Muhamed Racaj, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia: Refugee Crisis: Security Challenges for Macedonia and the Region
· Kjell Elefalk, International Management and Police Consultant, Trygghet and Management Company, Sweden: Local Safety Measurement System for Police Efficiency – A proposal to improve combat crime, disorder and victimization in Policing globally
· Dr Filippo Balistreri, EuroCrime Research, Training and Consulting srl, Florence, Italy: Indicators, Surveys and Results of the MARGIN Project: Tackle Insecurity in Marginalized Areas

Thematic session 2: Victimization and Social Response
Working language: Serbian

· Prof. dr Dragana Batić, Faculty of Security, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia: Parental alienating syndrome as a kind of emotional abuse of children of divorce parents
· Prof. dr Sandra Fabijanić Gagro, Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, Croatia: International legal development on the protection of child soldiers
· Doc. dr Vesna Stefanovska, Faculty of Security, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia: Criminal justice, social and restorative response to hate crime
· Dr Anja Mirosavljević, Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia: VOM is sufficient for victims but not for the offenders – is VOM an ideal theoretical view on justice?

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