CIRSDe – UNITO (Turin, Italy) Partner Training Evaluation Report


The training program was developed and implemented, in Italy by the University of Turin and in the Polytechnic of Turin (Associated Partner) taking into account specific characteristics of these two universities and of the Italian context, that will be more precisely described in the “Context” paragraph.

Two reflection, in particular, are to be highlighted: Firstly, the topic of gender violence is not an emergency, in the Italian universities, for the number of rapes in the campuses, but, rather, for more subtle and spread several form of harassment, also in working context that the patriarchal cultural context still justify. For this reason, an important part of the training program was focused on cultural justification of gender violence and to the definition of its several forms: among them a specific topic was workplace harassment.

Another central aspect is the logistic characteristics of the Universities, in particular the University of Turin that is located in several part of the metropolitan area. This had two implication. First, we had to organize group sessions in the different places of the University. Secondly, a collaboration with the territorial government (Municipality of Turin, Italy) – and its net of services- was very important as students live in the city more than in the campuses.

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