Athens Pride 2017With the slogan IT’S EDUCATION, Athens Pride 2017 stresses that contact with all personal experiences has the potential to trigger a reassessment of our values, to challenge the socially constructed notions and stereotypes, and to contribute to the moral progress of our society. The society we strive for is one in which values empathy, solidarity, and respect for all human beings, regardless of their sexuality, gender, and gender expression. Such is a society with paideia.

The Greek word παιδεία [paideia] translates as “education” in English, but has a broader meaning that encompasses schooling, upbringing, learning, and culture in general. In this case, with education we mean a system by which personalities are nurtured to be autonomous and complete, capable of coping with the demands of collective life. This education is shaped by a number of factors such as family and religion, along with the economic, political, and social environment in which one lives and performs, as well as media exposure.

Starting with the first Parade in 2005, the mission of Athens Pride has been to provide the maximum visibility for the LGBTQI* community in Greece and to pave the way for full equality of LGBTQI people in Greek society.

This year, Athens Pride has achieved an even more visible and dynamic presence, for it will not simply pass in front of the Hellenic Parliament during the Parade, but will bring the entire event to the capital’s centre. Just as every year, the Pride Parade will take place in the late afternoon, followed by the Concert in the evening.

The Athens Pride 2017 slogan IT’S EDUCATION [THEMA PAIDEIAS] highlights the major issues faced by LGBTQI people in Greek society. One of which remains the absence of legal recognition of gender identity.

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex