No to impunity towards sexual violence. We support all who were attacked the 1st of October and the Major of Barcelona Ada Colau who denounced the facts.

The USVreact Catalan and Basque teams want to show our solidarity to all women who suffered sexual attacks and harassment in hands of the police forces during the October 1st in Catalonia. It is dramatic to confirm how sexual violence is still used as a repression strategy in our current context, specially against women.

We are angry at the silence and lack of visibility when dealing with these cases, and with the blaming and persecution of those who have been clear enough to name and report this form of violence. We know this is not easy, and therefore feel the need to send our solidarity to Ada Colau, Major of Barcelona, who has publicly denounced sexist abuse perpetrated by the police towards citizens of Barcelona and has after been threatened to be investigated for injury against police forces.

We demand these threats against the major to cease immediately and we understand that it is her duty as a Major to denounce sexual violence and other forms of sexist violence.

We demand sexual violence in the context of political repression to be stopped now.

We will only get to a violence free university by getting closer to a violence free society.