Human Rights & Democracy blog and não te prives – Grupo de Defesa dos Direitos Sexuais (Portuguese ONG for the Defense of Sexual Rights) will be hosting a series of online publications for the duration of the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE campaign. Interested authors are invited to submit articles or other forms of artistic contributions such as, but not limited to, poetry, illustration, or photography. We especially welcome submissions giving an account of personal experiences or local initiatives, not only limited to the intersection between education and gender-based violence (GBV), but also on the theme of GBV more broadly, including LGBTQIA+ experiences, fatphobia, racism, etc. Contributions should be sent via email to by 1 October 2016, but we encourage you to submit at your earliest convenience as submissions will be reviewed as they arrive. Final results will be communicated by 1 November 2016.

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About the ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign’

In 1991, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership convened the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute (WGLI). The 23 participants came from different countries in all of the world’s regions and were drawn from a variety of fields – lawyers, policymakers, teachers, health care workers, researchers, journalists, and activists. These women were local civil society leaders with experience in women’s organising who were also interested in building the global women’s human rights movement. During the WGLI, participants discussed different aspects of gender-based violence and human rights, learning from one another’s experiences and consequently developing strategies to increase international awareness of the systemic nature of violence against women and to expose this violence as a violation of women’s human rights.

As one strategy to build awareness about gender-based violence and facilitate networking among women leaders working in this area, the WGLI participants established the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign, choosing to symbolically link 25 November (International Day Against Violence Against Women) and 10 December (International Human Rights Day)..


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