R ebecca Pick created the Personal Guardian, a device that can be fixed to clothing and alerts the police to exact location of attack via monitoring station. She came up with this idea, while studyng at Strathclyde University, after a girl was raped in her apartment complex. Although the victim screamed for help, nobody heard her.

For this reason Rebecca had long been convinced of the need for a security device for female students: The Personal Guardian, which measures 6cm by 3.5cm and weighs 40 grams, can be attached to a bra strap, belt or other piece of clothing. To activate it, the wearer simply presses the two buttons on either side of the device, which activates their mobile phone. This in turn triggers a call to a monitoring station, where staff will listen to the live recording to hear if an attack is taking place. They will then direct police to the exact location via GPS.


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