by Biglia and Bonet i Martí (2017) Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 13

The objective of this article is to reflect on the potential for creating subversive scientific discourses through the application of feminist research methodology and its posterior diffraction. We start out from our collective experiences within the framework of SIMReF, which includes our participation in various research projects, training and exchange. Based on these experiences, we reflect on distinct possibilities and limitations for the development of a feminist research agenda in the academic and institutional environment of the Spanish State, which has been reluctant to value and incorporate feminist epistemological and methodological viewpoints. Grounded in an understanding of feminist methodology as a practice that is political, processual and discursive, we conclude by presenting a series of concerns about how these limitations also constitute a condition of possibility for the collective construction of a feminist methodology from ‘within’ yet also ‘against’ academic ‘normality’.

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