Final Report of the USVreact Project 

This report first presents a discussion of the empirical and theoretical context for the project, in terms of the prevalence of sexual violence against students in European countries and factors which may facilitate and hinder disclosure. It then presents a summary of the seven training programmes’ content, delivery and evaluation. It finishes with a summary of each partner’s recommendations as well as recommendations which pertain more broadly, at national, regional and international levels.

This overview report has been compiled by Alison Phipps and Pam Alldred as USVreact’s CoI and PI, from the initial evaluations of Partners. We encourage those using the training materials to adapt to their context in terms of nuances of culture and values, and specific support services and referral information.

A comprehensive description of each training programme is on the USVreact website at, and a fuller account of the context and evaluation of each is contained in their individual Partner Training Evaluation Reports (PTER) which can be found

In the Partner Training Evaluation Reports, Partners will shortly provide details and describe their context more fully, including a more comprehensive review of their training.

Download Final Report in PDF