Kartela Apirilak 7#USVreact has organized a small conference on sexual violence for the 7th of April in the Ibaeta Campus in the University of the Basque Country. As a project centered on training staff in universities about the issue of sexual violence, we have a positive feeling of opening the debate about SV in our local context, but at the same time we are strongly convinced that this debate must be as wide and public as possible. This is the main reason to organize this open mini-conference in our campus, to try and open a space for debate where all the university community can be involved, staff and students alike.

We have invited some experts in the area for the first part of the conference, who will share their experience on tackling and preventing SV in different settings. For the second part we want to create an open but safe space to talk about SV in our own reality, working in small non-mixed groups conducted by experts.