We keep offering free training on Sexual Violence to those interested in our university and Associate Partners. In the next week we are going to focus on specific faculties and schools of the University of The Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Instead of offering our training to any member of the staff in UPV/EHU, we offer it in specific sites, to the members of staff working on that sites. Hopefully this will allow us to share points of view and proposals with people who already know each other and share the same context. Let’s see how it works out!

So, during the next weeks, we will be offering training in the Teachers’  School in both Gasteiz and Leioa and in the Social Work faculty in Gasteiz. If you are a member of the staff here who has not received information on this training and you are interested, feel free to contact us at ehu@usvreact.eu and request full information about dates, timing and contents of the course.